Tutorials on this site are written by me and are my own ideas.
Any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

If you are a group owner and want to use my tutorials  
you do not have to ask me for permission.

I supply all you need in my tuts except ptu tubes and ptu filters
I am not sending you on a wild goose chase to blogs were supplies may or may not be available anymore
and I would never use a PTU kit in my tuts
 I expect that you don't use what I've made in other tutorials without my permission.

 Do not copy/re-write my tutorials or claim them as your own, do not script them either.

The tubes I use have been purchased from various  licensing companies 
If you want to use the same tubes you must buy your own licenses

You can print out a copy for personal use.

Remember a tutorial is only a guideline, get creativ!

And you never know, you might learn a thing or two ☺

All my tutorials are written in psp 9 and AS

These tutorials assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP and Animation shop and its functions
I don't go into details in my tuts so if you are new to psp I suggest you join a learning group
I have people mailing me asking how to apply a mask or draw out a shape
but if you don't know the basic in psp, I cannot help you.

I have the ability to see all transactions made from my site download, IP, link etc.
and I must say I'm sorry to see that there's still some forums who is hotlinking to my tutorial headers
but let me warn you in advance, you can NOT hotlink pics from my tut sites, all you get is this

I do NOT give permission to have my tutorials translated anymore  so please don't ask. 
there are some great online translators you can use.

any questions contact me admin(a)zuzzanna.dk


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