This tutorial are written by me, Zuzzanna on 14th January 2010
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

I am using the art of Piombo visit MTA for a license
 supplies here


Open the supplies in psp and select the frame
image canvas size 600 X 600
add a new layer and drag it to the bottom
floodfill with white

click inside the frame with magic wand - modify- expand 3
copy and paste the tube as new layer and place it in the selection
selection invert - hit delete - select non
move the tube under the frame and give the frame drop shadow

now copy&paste all the leaves as new layers above your white background
flip - mirror - resize and place everything to your liking
the easiest
way to move things around, is to use the raster deform tool
don't forget to give it all drop shadow ☺

I put one leave the poppies and the butterfly on top of the frame

select the background layer and add a new layer
floodfill with a color from the leaves
I used #812201
apply the mask and merge group

write your name using two colors from your tag
I used Ambiance BT (pay font)
size 72 stroke 1
foreground #cf4a21 background #360000

when you are happy with your tag
 layers merge visible

freehand selection tool - point ti point - mode Add - Feather 0
zoom in on your tag and select around they eyes like this

copy - open AS and paste in as new animation
insert image effect - underwater
these are the settings I used

this gave me 10 frames delete the first one, there's no effect on it

back in PSP select non on your tag - copy merge
in AS paste as new animation - duplicate so you end up having 9 frames

Ctrl + A on your tag
Ctrl + A on the eyes - hit propagate paste button
and drag they eyes onto your tag, place them carefully so they fit
Alt +Enter and change frame properties to 17
and your done ☺