Forum style tag ☺
This tutorial was written by me, Zuzzanna on 10th February 2010
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

I'm using a tube from Olivia  you can buy a license to use her tubes here
do not use the same tube without a license

Filters needed: Flaming Pear - flood
Filter factory Gallery Q - Gravity Blossom
Mura Meister - Cloud

Open a rasterlayer 600 X 250
floodfill with gradient Duetone Red (standard in psp9)
if you're using a tube in another color make your own gradient to match ☺

Effect filter factory Q gravity blossom

selection tool
draw out a selection on the top half like this

effect Mura Meister - Cloud
choose rust effect with default setting
select non

add your tube your name and proper copyright

new layer - select all
flood fill with black
modify contract 2 hit delete - select non
select your red background  layer
selection tool make a selection on the lower part of your tag

effect Flaming Pear - Flood

select non

Copy merge
*open AS and paste as new animation
back in psp undo the flood effect
apply flood filter again hitting the random button
in AS paste after current frame*
repeat so you end up having 4 frames in AS

select all the frames and change frame properties to 20
save as gif and your done ♥