I used the cute tubes from Tooshtoosh
it's a freebie but you need a license to use them

My supplies here
I made all the supplies do not share in other tutorials without my permission

Filter: AAAFrames - Texture frame
this is a quickie ☺

Open my supplies and arrange everything to your liking
drop shadow them and add your tube of choice
on the background layer
I added effect AAA Frames - Texture frame

add your name and proper
I used Kreepy Krawly

 X out the layer with the witch
copy merge open AS paste as new animation
back in psp open the layer again and
move the witch almost out of the canvas so only a bit of her shows

copy merge open AS paste after current frame
back in psp - move her a bit in the direction you want her to fly
copy merge paste after current frame
keep doing that til she's all the way cross your canvas
I ended up with 20 frames

set frame properties to 100 on the 1 frame
and the rest to 15
save as gif ☺