This tutorial was written by me, Zuzzanna on October 21 - 2010
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

I am using the art of Tony Mauro visit MTA for a license
do not use this tube without a license
I bought this tube when he was with Artistic Minds Inc

Filter used:
Xenofex 2 - shatter
EyeCandy4000 - jiggle

My supplies here

Open my supplies
go to image canvas size 700 X 600
click inside the frame with magicwand - expand 3
new layer
copyNpaste the background into selection - select non
move it under the frame layer
add drop shadow to the frame
new layer
draw out a cirkle with selection tool about the same size as the frame
it doesn't have to be exactly the same size
copyNpaste the background into selection- select non
move this layer to bottom

Xenofex 2 - shatter

merge layers visible
I moved mine a bit to the right
copyNpaste the tree and your tube of choice - add drop shadow
new layer - floodfill white move it to bottom
add proper and your name
I used Ouverture script stroke 1 colors from my tube

when you are done move the tube on top in the layerpalet
select around the parts that you want animated with freehand selection tool point ot point
this is what I did
that depends of what tube you use ☺

EyeCandy4000 - jiggle

select non
 copy merge open AS paste as new animation
back in psp undo the effect
apply again - hitting random button
paste after current frame in AS
keep doing that for a total of six frames in AS
Ctrl +a and set frame properties to 17
save as gif ☺