This tutorial was written by me June 20 - 2012
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.
I'm using a tube from Greg Horn 
I bought mine when he was with Cilm
do not use the same tube without a license

Filter: Tramages & EyeCandy5 Nature & AAA fotoframe
pattern here


Open a new layer 600 X 300 floodfill with the pattern
effect Tramages - At The Atomic Level with default settings
c/p your tube - mirror it and place it on the left side
blend mode to Hard light and opacity down to 50
select all - Image crop to selection - layer merge down

Tramages - Wire Mesh

adjust sharpen

AAA fotoframe

layer duplicate - select all - selection modify contract 25 - hit delete - select non

copyNpaste your tube again place it to the right between the two layers

addİ and name I used Jellyka Vampire Street
check out her cool fonts ☺

on your bottom layer draw out a small selection like this

EyeCandy Nature - Fire these setting

select non - copy merge - open AS - paste as new animation
repeat by hitting random button for a total of 3 frames in AS
set frame properties to 15
done ☺