This tutorial was written by me, Zuzzanna on June 30 - 2015
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

I am using an amazing tube from Janna Prosvirina and the beautiful castle photo from Kat
do not use the same tube/image without a license
you can buy a license to both at DAH

Filters AAAFrame - foto frame


open a new layer 700 X 500 you can resize it later
select all - copyNpaste the image into selection - select non
Adjust Hue & Saturation - Lightness
play with the sliders so the colors match your tube
mine was set to this

Effect AAA Frame - foto frame width 24
layer duplicate - selection modify - contract 25 - hit delete - select non

The tube I use comes in different layers
I chose the one with the crow but without the moon

CopyNpaste the tube between the two layers - rename this layer tube
add drop shadow - default setting
turn the tube using raster deform tool so the head turn upwards a bit

for easy moving the tube layers - move the tube to the lower right
layer duplicate - resize 90% all layers NOT checked
repeat this until you end up with 10 layers

now move and line them up like this one at the time using raster deform tool
(look for leg and hair) 

this is where my first and last layer were placed

if you want to resize, this is the time ☺
add and name

X-out the tube layers from the top down
with only the bottom tube layer open
Copy merge - open AS paste as new animation
back in psp - close this layer - open the next
copy merge - paste after current frame in AS
(make sure that you stand on an open layer when you copy merge)
repeat for the rest of the tube layers
when you are done - close all the tube layers
copy merge - paste after current frame
set this frame propertie to 150
hold the Chift key down and select frame 1 - 10
set frame properties to 15

Done ♥